About Us
Our Mission
  • Caring for your Business is our Business.
  • A client who has been with us for 3 to 5 years should grow in wealth nearly twice as much as they had when they first met us. 
Our Vision
  • To be proactive with your business and professional activities.
  • To provide quality work that is second to none, at reasonable fee.
  • To provide best advise to you on options available to you at each stage of your development.
  • To advise on creating wealth for you in short term by rearranging the way your business activities are conducted.
  • To help you distribute the wealth to beneficiaries you desire, in the most tax effective manner.
  • To provide quality and timely service so that you can benefit the opportunities available for you to develop and further develop.
  • To take best care of your tax, corporate and accounting compliance needs

Our Background
  • We are the accounting firm with an experience of about 24 years in accounting, including training people on accounting and related law and computer environment.
  • We consider ourselves as specialist in small and medium industries accounting.
  • We have done considerable work for variety of clients including Specialist medical practitioners, car yard dealers and companies having multiple branches including overseas branch having to lodge overseas income tax returns.
  • We believe in quality work standards at reasonable fee.
  • We would like our services available and affordable to different sections of the community in Australia and Overseas.
  • We would like to use the technology to avoid the time spent by clients in travelling to us to provide information or to collect.
  • Hari Iyer has been teaching Accounting for about 19 years and taught Business computer applications, Australian Laws (various aspects of law like, Corporations Law, Consumer Protection law, Social Security Law, Contract Law, Common Law, Court Room Procedures etc.)
  • Hari Iyer has written books on:

             'Issues in Accounting' (deals with Ethics in accounting. This is an elective subject in TAFE courses in Australia).

             'External Audit Proceedures' for Open Training services of Victoria University, Melbourne

             'Ethics in Taxation' as own publication.

             'Financial Accounting Applications 1 & 2 test material' for Open Training services of Victoria University, Melbourne

             'Lenders Fraud on borrowers for over 20 years or @PMT function Failure' an internet based own publication

             'Covering? an Un coverable'  with experiences encountered in bringing the fraud to the attention of various authorities in Australia.    

             internet based own publication.


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